Animal Spirits

The Spiritual Meaning of Animals Entering Your Life & Space. Spirit speaks its language to us through everything. There is a unique meaning to all things and it is up to us to learn the language of Spirit.
                           Pet Medicine

All pet owners have had, at one time or another, an experience in which their pet, whether golden retriever, kitten, horse, or iguana, recognized their suffering and offered comfort. Animals, both wild and domesticated, have the ability to sense changes in the body and mind and can positively influence humans in many ways. They can inspire playful thoughts in those discouraged and remind us of the need to nurture both ourselves and others. They can even affect profound physical changes in humans, by lowering our blood pressure and reducing stress. The gentle purring of a cat or a friendly nuzzle from a warm lizard can be a form of healing, and all animals, even those in the wild, are natural healers.

A house pet can tell you many things, if you observe. Your pet will choose to sleep in the places in your home that have the best energy and, when you're ill, may concentrate its attention on the area of your body that needs healing. Stroking soft fur, a smooth, scaly back, or downy feathers can enhance memory, shorten recovery time after an injury, help curb depression, open lines of communication, and even increase a person's chance of survival after a heart attack. For many years, schools, nursing homes, and even prisons have let their charges visit with specially trained animals periodically because a visit with a pet both calms and cheers people. With the elderly, the love of an animal can heighten cognitive ability, movement, and quality of life. Wild animals, too, have their own healing powers. The antics of a silly squirrel can lift the spirits while the industrious ant is an inspiration. A chance encounter with a dolphin or manatee can be life changing.

In mythology, the centaur was the keeper of the art of healing and the Egyptian god Anubis was the healer of the gods. It is not surprising that so many people keep pets or enjoy watching animals in nature. Animals transform us and their unique and beautiful modes of healing are as natural as they are. 

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Animal spirit guides are spiritual support systems that show up in animal form. Ancestors from long-ago civilizations as well as indigenous cultures of today invoke animal spirit guides for individual or community protection, healing, and support.

In the tradition and belief system of shamanism, calling upon animal spirit guides is a practice performed by shamans and shamanic practitioners worldwide.

The spirit world, or non-ordinary reality, is accessed by shamans as a realm to retrieve information from power animals, totem animals, and animal spirit guides in general in an attempt to effect healing and restore balance to the client's holistic self.

According to Dr. Steven Farmer, power animals are a source of spiritual guidance and can be solicited for help during life challenges. Though often used interchangeably, the term "totem" animal usually If you do not already know you power animal or animal spirit guide, there are several means by which it can be identified. The animal guide, representing its entire species, may come to you in visions such as during dreams, shamanic journeying, or meditative states.

In physical reality, you may notice your animal spirit guide show up repetitiously at least three times. For example, you may hear a song on the radio by the Black Crowes, then you may notice a group of crows in your yard, and even later you may see a truck with the word CROW pass right in front of you.

With these synchronistic events, it's a good chance that Crow is trying to relay a message to you. In order to gain insight and work with your animal spirit guide, you can research the particular animal's characteristics through books such as Dr. Farmer's Power Animals or Animal Spirit Guides.

Furthermore, you can communicate with your guide by asking it for a sign regarding its presence and message for you. By meditating on the life situation you are currently in and connecting with the animal, you allow yourself to see things from a different perspective and empower yourself to create necessary changes to improve your life.
refers to spirit guides associated with a group or clan w1.Panda - Encourages you to create a sacred space for contemplation and solitude. The space should be comfortable, personal, and like your own private sanctuary.
2.Gorilla - Helps you develop your relationship with family members. Reminds you to show compassion and listen attentively to the ever-changing people in your life.
3.Meerkat - Supportive in your efforts to form trusting friendships, despite hurts from the past. Advises you to be open to receiving assistance from those who share your interests.
If you need help with a specific challenge, you can ask a "qualified" animal spirit guide, based on its associations, into your life for guidance. Nurture your relationship with it by expressing gratitude, communicating with it daily, and honoring its species.

Source: Farmer, S. (2008). Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards Guidebook
Below is a short list of animals and their Spiritual Meanings.
 Pay attention to animals that show up and make their presence known to you in your close environment. This list is taken from one of my favorite websites that has an extensive choice of animals and insects with their meanings....
Jaguar's Wisdom Includes: 

Seeing the roads within chaos 
Understanding the patterns of chaos 
Moving without fear in the darkness 
Facilitating soul work 
Empowering oneself 
Moving in unknown places 
Psychic sight

Orca's Wisdom Includes:

Creator of the Cosmos 
Having the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc. 
Freeing the soul from the physical body 
Controlling rainfall on Earth 
Using the vibrational energy of song to heal 
Assisting humans in finding their soul's song 
Soul memory 
Seeing the unseen 
Teaching the ability to seal soul fissures and energy leaks 
According to coastal Indians, Orca was created by the hunter who carved a "blackfish" out of yellow cedar and commanded it to kill his wicked in-laws. Orca tore the men to bits and returned to the Tlingit man, Natsalane, who then ordered the sleek animals never again to prey on humans. And, to this day, Orca, the top predator of the sea, doesn’t eat people. Indeed, the Tlingit people of southeast Alaska consider Orca a custodian of the sea.

Crow/Rook's Wisdom Includes: 

Guardian of the place before existence 
Ability to move in space and time 
Honoring ancestors 
Ethics and Ethical behavior 
Carrier of souls from darkness into light 
Working without fear in darkness 
Guidance while working in shadow 
Moves freely in the void 
Understands all things related to ethics 

Rabbit/Hare's Wisdom Includes: 

Paradox and contradiction 
Living by one’s own wits 
Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages 
Moving through fear 
Strengthening intuition 

"Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission - to be of service to them whenever they require it. If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." 

Saint Francis of Assisi 
Owl's Wisdom Includes: 

Silent and swift movement 
Seeing behind masks 
Keen sight 
Messenger of secrets and omens 
Link between the dark, unseen world and the world of light 
Comfort with shadow self 
Moon magick 

Butterfly/Caterpillar's Wisdom Includes:

The power of the whirlwind 

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