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...There Are Two Types Of Channeling...

Conscious Channeling, & Trance Channeling 

Trance channeling is essentially falling into a trance and voluntarily surrendering the use of one’s body to a trusted spirit (Spirit Guide, or familiar) for the purpose of relaying information. There are many people who claim to act as direct lines to higher beings and travel the world giving trance channeling sessions meant to provide guidance to large numbers of people at once. These people charge exorbitant fees for the privilege of attending these sessions. 

Trance Channeling in some cases is very possibly a bonified reality, but most of what you hear channeled by these entities in seminars or large gatherings is akin to reading your horoscope in the newspaper and expecting it to fit you and everyone else alive who shares your sun sign. No doubt many who claim to channel ascended beings are charlatans and fakers who enjoy owning the spotlight and lining their wallets with other people’s money.

Trance channeling is generally experienced as the spirit entering and using one’s body, and is accompanied by a loss of memory for the period in which the spirit was in control. In some case the channeler's persona changes quite drastically, by this I mean a male channeler sometimes takes on the more feminie type spirit that he is channeling or the female channeler takes on the male personification of the male entity. Personally, I have a problem with this, because I don't feel comfortable turning my body over to another entity, other than my higher self. This is just my take on it, but others have no problem in doin so.

Conscious Channeling doesn't require proximity, only a mental link. It is the ability to open to a spirit (or your Higher Self in my case) for the purpose of relaying information or personal learning, without surrendering control of your body. I channel my higher self everyday while working with my clients. Much of this website has definitely been channeled by my higher self. 

I feel that it's more difficult to learn Conscious Channeling than Trance Channeling because you need to have your higher self balanced with your physical mind, which takes patience and trust in yourself. I often refer to it as building your psychic muscle just like any other muscle in the body. It requires a step by step, pyramid type of learning to communicate clearly what your higher self is trying to convey. It can be experienced as being very similar to a computer download in some instances. Loss of time, no clear memory of the information conveyed, & a feeling of sitting back and watching the show, is also very common for me and others with this ability. This type of channeling is not a fearful experience when you understand that your true self is actually trying to help you and others understand concepts from a much higher level that the physical mind. 

Conscious channeling tends to address individuals rather than groups, though it can address different people at different times, according to the situation. This makes it more relevant to the specific person that is receiving the reading . However, conscious channeling carries with it a higher likelihood of 1) coloring the message due to our personal filters (such as our operative paradigm ) and 2) blocking information due to lack of personal reference points. One example of this would be the spirit attempting to explain martial arts moves via a channeler who didn’t possess the vocabulary to convey those ideas. A spirit is limited to our working set of knowledge, though it certainly has the ability to circumvent a lack if it is crucial to do so. This is one reason that knowledge of these subjects is so important when our Higher Self wants to communicate or Channel information. I have found that Continual Study and having substantial time alone is paramount if you want to achieve the higher levels of consciousness channeled by your Higher Self & The Universal Spirit. We need to be patient and learn the language of the other side, which makes the information flow much more easily. One way Spirit may circumvent a channeler’s lack of vocabulary would be to insert descriptive or referential terms in the context of discussion, in a way that seems innocuous to the channeler but is blatantly significant to the recipient or listener. Also, in Conscious Channeling, pictures and metaphors are commonally used to help us in the translation of the higher information into our language. There definitely is a language barrier when we touch the other dimensions. This is why I have made a huge effort on this website to show that everything has it's own language, we just need to understand this and learn how to communicate and translate. 

Animals communicate with us clearly if we just watch & listen patiently. If we slow down, relax & listen, we can attain the different levels of connection of each individual species. Animals, reptails use body language, sound, and psychic cords to relate to us in so many ways. It's a lot like going up and down a ladder of different vibrations, or as I teach, switching to different radio channels in order to connect with them fully. If we can get on the channel that they are on, it's a simple thing to understand what these loving and wise creatures have to share with us.

Plants also clearly communicate on a continual basis with our world and each other. This is why they say that some have a green thumb :) Get on the level, which by the way is much slower and mellow than ours, and you will be surprised what they can say to you. They also give much to us in the form of energy exchange. Feng Shui is a great example.... Different plants put out their own energies, which assist us in our moods more than we are consciously aware of. 

Sorry, now back to Channeling.....I got a off track and started shifting into other subjects which are called Telepathy, & The Language of Plants & Animals.... For more indepth study on the later, click on the links to the left of this page .  Notice that all of the gifts do blend into each other very nicely....... When you learn one, it flows you into the others....This is one reason that teachers will tell you to just go with the flow......
One area that needs to be stressed when it comes to Channeling is the area of Personal Growth, which is what I focus on now when I teach channeling. Personal Growth is very important because it is what allows a channel to be clear. If a channel processes his/her own fears, issues, and blockages, then they become clear as a person and thus will become clear as a channel. (A channel who is not clear, loving, and nonjudgmental in life will not be a clear, loving, and nonjudgmental channel.) 

It takes a lot of patience & work to eventually trust and relax within your  subconscious mind. There are many guided meditations that are for the purpose of releasing blocked energy that resides in the subconscious. This energy is expressed through an archetypal language understood mostly by the subconscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves. This includes the areas of fear, love, judgment, and the integration of polarity (whether it be male/female or dark/light).

There are many lessons having to do with the blending of spiritual energy with ourselves in human form and the expression of that energy through speech, movement, or music (depending upon the individual channel's talents). I feel that more focus should be placed on the Higher Self and how everything we need can be accessed within us without even having to work with entities outside of ourselves.

You can also do basic work having to do with the development of your psychic abilities and the stimulation of your chakra (energy center) energy. Work on divination by using tools such as tarot cards, runes, candles, etc. Metaphysical lessons are comprised of a whole mixture of teachings designed to shape  the individual into a flexible and clear channel.

Dedication is paramount when it comes to this particular area of Psychic Energy work. The ego must be subdued in order to not become out of balance, which causes the need to control others through manipulations of all types.  It is imparitive that you teach your clients not to rely on you to the point where they don't make a move without your direction..... Many psychics encourage this for reasons that are not in right action. If you keep right action and non-judgement out in front of you, it will help you to stay on the proper track to engage in this particular gift.  

Remember that knowledge is power and if misused it can be a very distructive tool. This is why it is so very important to pay close attention to your intentions and to keep a proper perspective on your mental state of mind prior to a reading. If you don't use this process, you will inadvertantly bleed your current state of mind into the reading without being aware, and cause dissruption from the clear channel necessary to give a clear/consise reading for your client.  The worse thing you can do is to give a reading to a client concerning someone that they love when you have just gotten done with a dissagreement with your own spouse or significant other.....Many readers have difficulty in relationships and choose to be single for this very reason.  

Channeling takes a huge amount of energy and can leave the Channeler very tired, hungry, thirsty, and just basically exhausted. There are times when just the opposite happens....a session can be absolutely invigorating!!!  When this happens, it is like you were plugged into a 110 plug in the wall and then all of a sudden hooked into 220 !!!  Our bodies definitely react in many different ways....The hair can stand up on end....Chills....Light Headedness....Dry Mouth....Blurred Vision....just to mention a few.....

Give yourself some time alone and get to know  youself....Do some studying on the subject.... and by all means trust that you intuitively know if this is something that you would prefer to experience. Your Higher Self surely wants to teach your body how to function at its fullest, but needs your assistance in slowing down long enough to hear the soft voice within...

Your Higher Self is not pushy, noisy, or demanding....It is actually your Better Half .... 
When you can truly understand that the Sacred Marriage Within is the coming together of your Physical Body and the Higher Spiritual You, then you will not need to search for your other half in another person. When you accomplish this, you will be a balanced individual that is ready to meet another balance mate that has the same perspective on things in this life. Half of the battle is won :)

There is an old American Indian saying, " You have a black dog and a white dog on your shoulders. The one you feed is the one that will grow.......". Which one are you feeding? Feed the Spiritual side of yourself and you will prosper in the Body, Mind, & Soul.

Many Blessings, Astoria :)