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In the field of parapsychology, Clairalience (presumably from late 17th century French) clair (clear) & alience (smelling), is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of smelling.
When working with the all of the Clair-Senses you need to learn to trust your natural
 Instincts and Senses.

Should you begin to notice that the actions of others do not mesh with your own beliefs or gut feelings of what is right and wrong, you might want to take a few minutes to still your mind, become attuned to your breath, and ask the Universe for guidance. The answer may come to you as a literal physical sensation or simply a sense of what you feel emotionally. You could find that your intuition lets you know the actions you have to take to protect yourself. Basically, if you find  yourself smelling something fishy, then there diffinently could be a issue to pay attention to.

Clairalience works in two basic ways.....You can actually get the psychic/intuitive hit by literally smelling a scent or pungent odor. The other process is by acknowledging the feeling that something smells (emotionally) wrong. As with all of the Clair-Senses, they have more depth in their interpretations than just the physical manisfestations.

Depending on which Chakra is predominent at the time of the psychic hit,  you can receive many responses from your body simutaneously. As you get more experience and build your  psychic muscles, you will find that you will recieve fine tuning in multiple forms of information from the Universe. 
....A Short Lesson On Fears.....

If you are fairly new at this, please remember not to rush yourself and try to push things. Belly float down this river of information and let the Universe teach you the many forms of communication that are so freely given to each and everyone of us. It will amaze you how swiftly you can learn if you just slow down and trust your higher self to guide you, and most importantly relax and go with the flow. 

Fear is the biggest hindrence when it comes to excercising and fine tuning your Clair-senses. You should not ignore your fears, as they are a natural instinct that the body has that allows us to pay attention to our surroundings, with a good dose of respect. Just like anything, if you overdo it and allow fear to subdue you, therefore stopping you from taking action, then you are out of balance. Stand in your fears, face them, and learn what they have to teach you, don't run from them. 

Fears are largely based on uncertainties...So, if you have something that causes you fear, study it, and find out what is the reality of your fears. Many times you will find that beliefs taught to you by others are the basis of your fears and not your own at all. More than not, we end up fearing something because we simply have been taught to by other people. Quite often fearful and judgemental belief systems have been handed down from generation to generation, and are sometimes very hard to break through. Trust your own personal intuition and dive in to get the truth for yourself.  Be fearless, make rational adjustments to what you as an individual choose, decerning what are healthy fears for you as an individual and what are not. 


While learning to trust our suspicions and allowing ourselves to do what is right for us personally, sometimes our rational minds tend to override the gut feelings we get from our intuition. This can cause us to act in a way that doesn’t take our best interests into account. Our Senses, however, signal us from our subconscious and lets us know that something is amiss. By listening to our Higher Selves, and asking for advice from within & the Universe, we learn to trust our personal leadership, and understand our  needs. This is Personal Power that is projected from the gentle unfolding of our  Our Power Center,,, Manipura (Sanskrit: मणिपूर, Maṇipūra) Solar Plexus Chakra (navel area).

Know that your doubts are signs to trust your own personal psychic hits.  Next, start taking the necessary measures that will lead you forward on the journey of trusting yourself and your own judgements.  Be Strong & Self Reliant......Listen to your Higher Self and Trust Your Own Intuition......May You Excel in everything that you so choose........You came into this world fearless & trusting.....Take your own personal power back & grow into the powerful & balanced human being that you came here to be......

Many Blessings, Astoria Brown
 Clairalience refers to the sense of smell...

Smelling the perfume of a deceased aunt or the cigar smoke of a beloved grandfather are quite common experiences. Another way to connect Clairaliently is to call on a Medium to connect with the energies of others on the otherside by way of a seance. It's very common for the room to fill with the scent of a beloved family member or friend when partaking in a seance. The medium can use Clairalience to psychically receive the scent and explain this audibly to the loved ones attending the seance, but more often than not, the scent permeates the room which causes everyone to smell the scent. This is group Clairalience and is validation that the deceased loved one is certainly present and is making their visitation clearly known to all that are attending the meeting. 
A person with clairalience picks up information by means of the sense of smell either literally or emotionally. 
* I have also placed a short lesson on how to address fears in this article *
There are miriads of forms of communication tools that Spirit  has blessed us with, we just need to open our eyes and look around.... Take time to stop and smell the roses....and I mean this literally. The scent of a Rose represents the energy of Love....It communicates to us by it's beauty and it's smell (not to mention the energy that it projects in it's surroundings).....

The scent of a rose is a natural form of aromatherapy that  calms our nerves and gives us a feeling of peacefulness... The rose also is a very balanced gift (Yin & Yang) that the Universe has blessed us with. It also has thorns, which reminds us that love can cause pain if it is not handled correctly... The thorns teach us to slow down and respect the beauty before us and to be gentle with the fragile rose.  It also teaches us to protect ourselves, to use sane judgements on who we are opening our hearts to, and to see how vulnerable we can be when we open our feelings to another. It is wise to get balance with the heart and the mind by thinking more with our hearts and feeling more with our minds. Balance is the key to all loving relationships....The place to start is with ourselves first, by loving who we are, therefore we have something to give, instead of going into love out of need.....