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Empathic psychic abilities are almost impossible to ignore; if you have them, you will know it. The ability to tune in to a person’s emotions (not their thoughts) is one of the most powerful of all psychic abilities. It can also be the most dangerous. A true empath holds a great gift. With that gift comes a great responsibility to share your gift for the benefit of others. However, you must also find a way to protect yourself from those feeling and what they may reveal.

Many science fiction shows and movies, such as Star Trek, feature characters with empathic psychic abilities. A true empathic psychic is not the stuff of a brilliant imagination or a creative nature. Most people have the ability to empathize in a specific situational setting (such as the death of a loved one or the joy of a wedding). Empaths are able to "tune in" on feeling the emotional status of any given person at any given time. The ability to do so gives empaths an enormous power to experience the emotions that others seek to hide in regard to everything from affairs of the heart to crimes of passion. People with empathic abilities can accurately sense the motivation of human actions.

It is often the intensity of the feelings that distinguishes the true, developed empath from the average concerned onlooker. Reading personal accounts of people who have this sense reveals that they receive instantaneous and often overwhelming impressions of emotion in connection to people both alive and those who have passed on. By some accounts, this backwash of emotion in connection with a highly charged life event ranges from exhilarating to terrifying for the receiver.

In many written accounts, empaths often have or deal with a primary or secondary diagnosis of mental illness. This does not mean that all empaths are psychologically distressed or will become so while developing their psychic abilities. If you think and read about empathic psychic abilities, it stands to reason how such abilities might be initially mistaken for, or masked by, a genuine psychological problem. It also stands to reason that given the forceful nature of the feelings empaths experience, psychological and emotional problems could develop in someone untrained and left at the mercy of the constant bombardment of the senses. Herein lays the danger of having empathic abilities.

It is possible for an empathically endowed person to be taught techniques to block emotional excess from outside forces. Meditation, daily guidance and the ability to disconnect and emotionally re-charge are all learnable, teachable techniques. 

People, who are psychically empathic or want to develop this gift must do so by finding legitimate and certified instruction in holistic practices. At some point in their development, they need to be mentored by another empathically endowed individual. According to some accounts, finding a mentor is best done after an empath has learned to control him or herself to some degree. 
As the states of mind, beliefs, and desires of others are intertwined with their emotions, one with empathy for another may often be able to more effectively define another's mode of thought and mood. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or experiencing the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself, a sort of emotional resonance.

Healers often empathically tune into their clients on a conscious level to be able to get in touch with symptoms, issues, and any crisis that is prominent. By receiving information in this manner healers intuitively diagnose and offer treatment. Even when this is done consciously, there can still be times when it is difficult to separate what belongs to the client and what does not.  Very often Empathic individuals will take on the aches & pains of others, which can be a positive/negative experience. It can be extremely helpful to the client in physical & emotional healing sessions, but, it can also be very difficult to detach if you do not know how to separate your energy from theirs.  Therefore, it is very important to learn the technique of separation and of cleansing your aura after a healing with your clients.

The greater problem arises when empathic connections with other people are made unconsciously. Have you ever been in a good mood and within minutes of being around other people or stepping into a different environment your mood literally transforms into grumpiness or agitation? Well, you've picked up energies that didn't belong to you. Please take the time to read this article, it is time to change our patterning of taking on energies that do not belong to us. 
Truly good teachers of empathic ability exercise self control to a degree; they are ethically dedicated to not overwhelming their pupils with their own power. Weaker but well-intentioned empaths could possibly psychologically injure anyone they try to mentor by the manipulation of the emotional state of their pupil.

People with psychic abilities are useful in police investigations. Their emotional impressions of the crime scene and the parties involved can help police refine their search for suspects, witnesses and victims. Empaths are also helpful in locating missing people, especially lost children or victims of natural disasters. Empathic ability is useful in physical healing, massage therapy and the counseling professions. Empaths make powerful teachers and skilled Human Relations personnel as well. The empathic career can be a rewarding one to anyone who has trained his or her skills and has developed the focus and the concentration this work demands.

Empaths are considered Super Sensitive to the auric fields of others, to such an extent that they can pick up the emotions, and physical pains from others at any distance.....Miles make no difference with this gift, which is similar with all of the other psychic abilities.

Many of us that are sensitives are very excited about the Quantum Physics Theory. Everything is energy and is constantly moving at lightening speeds. This energy field connects us all as one, which allows us to tap into any energy string that we so desire, if we learn how. Learning to manifest your thoughts and to zoom in on someone or something becomes as simple as picking up the phone.

Those of us in my age group that were born with active psychic gifts have struggled our entire lives because we walk into a room and feel everything that is goin on with every body in the place..... The interesting thing here is that  when you are young you think that everyone picks these feelings up as you do.... When you find out that you are different, and that others don't have this experience on a regular basis, then the real craziness sets in for you as a Sensitive/Empath.....To an empath, this is part of life and very normal....We begin thinking  that everyone experiences these sensations like we do....But when you find out that the way you think and perceive things is not how the average person out there goes about their daily life, it really makes you feel set apart from the rest of the world.

In my case, when this first happened to me, I was about 12 years old. Back then it wasn't cool to be psychic as it is today and my classmates called me a witch and made very harsh remarks because they feared me. Those that had been my friends, became afraid of me and I suddenly felt very alone in my thoughts. Then when I was in my late teens and early twenties, my brother  became a Spirit Filled Christian and he told me that what I was doing was demonic....That was the topper...I didn't know which end was up for a very long time. I started withdrawing from close contact with others and felt very different from the average Joe, I was..... Remember, when I was growing up, I thought that everyone thought and experienced things as I did.......When I realized that this was not the case, I felt very seperated from humanity. I felt like I was from a different planet or something. I had no one to talk to about this except a few family members.

I began to read everything that I could get my hands on concerning paranormal subjects and found that there were others that felt and thought as I did.....This was a blessing for me because I had become very withdrawn into my own thoughts and felt very alone in them. I soon found others of like mind and we did much brain storming day after day on these feelings and experiences that we had in common. Now it's much easier to get information on Metaphysical subjects, but back then it was very hard to find people like myself. The ridicule and judgements were very harsh and very painful , especially from the Christian religious sect, so I would just keep my mouth shut and not let anyone know who I really was at the core of my being.

I never would have dreamed back in those days that I would be sought after because of the way that I was....But thank goodness for the internet, now we can find each other and speak freely. It amazes me how the veiws on the paranormal have changed in my lifetime, I am very thankful that people are waking up from their sleep and realizing that there is something to all of this and that we are not just a bunch of people out there with a screw or two loose.

I am very thankful that I can teach others how to hone in on their psychic abilities and to help them make the transitions necessary to perfect their skills. Everyone has empathic sensitivity, it's just that some are awake to it and others are not. Like I have said before on other pages here on my website, these gifts are like working any other muscle of the body.....If you work on it daily, you will gain strength and your empathic sensitivity will become stronger very quickly.....

I hope that you are enjoying my website and warmly welcome you
Many Blessings, Astoria :)
I hope that you are enjoying my website and warmly welcome you

Many Blessings, Astoria Brown :)