By Dr. Paul Leon Masters from his teachings of Theocentric Psychology

                           Exploring Consciousness 

                                                    Introduction to Findings

I was initially inspired to study and explore consciousness as a result of experiencing various forms of Eastern meditation in my youth. As consciousness opened before my inner sight and revealed existence beyond my sense perception, the curiosity mounted within me: Would the same revelations that I was experiencing be experienced by others? If so, would the explanations of what they experienced be the same as mine? I knew the effect that such disclosure of unconscious truth was having on my psyche--but what about the impact on others? 

Such questions led me to open the Institute of Parapsychology in 1959, located in Beverly Hills, California, which is where a journey of forty years of consciousness exploration began. The aim of the Institute was to research higher and expanded states of consciousness as they related to spiritual reality and human self-betterment. This goal was accomplished through Eastern forms of advanced meditation together with adaptable forms of self-hypnotic techniques. Thousands of research experiences by experimenting students were recorded, and the effects on their practical daily lives and spiritual unfoldment were noted and studied. Also during this time, numerous meditation students came forward to be trained as teachers. 
The findings of such explorations evolved into the teachings and curriculum of the University of Metaphysics, the University of Sedona, and the psychology, philosophy, and theology of the International Metaphysical Ministry. 
This Mystical Insight comes as a result of those four decades of consciousness exploration with thousands of students and teachers. 


The exploration of consciousness is the final frontier in the exploration of life and the mysteries of existence--its origin, its on-going presence--as well as for answering questions that intellectual analysis cannot because it is based on the speculations of the five senses. 

Indeed, to find the truths of life, a person must go beyond the limitations of the five senses. The outer senses can only perceive on a limited scale. Even with the help of scientific instruments piercing minute information through the lenses of a microscope or exploring the vastness of outer space with a telescope or an exploratory landing craft, there remains a limitation to some answers. 

Did the Universe originate by chance? Is a person simply a matter of some cosmic coincidence? Nothing in the scientific arsenal of five-sense, empirical evidence can form any conclusions without entering the province of speculation. The Eternal Perspective of Universal Consciousness alone (where all that is, has been, and will be exists) has the answers to life's mysteries--and, most importantly for every single person, the answers as to how and why. All of this Truth exists in the unconscious of every person, though all but a very few would even begin to suspect it's there--and even those few tend to view it philosophically. Fewer still have probed it to the fullest. 

Socrates observed, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Considering this thought further, however, it could be said that all life is worth living, because eventually, whether in this lifetime or another, life itself will finally bring about self-examination. That examination must be real and complete to go beyond the appearances of five-sense perception or beyond the basis of empirical, scientific evidence of such perception, for only in the unconscious of a human being and other forms of life can Life reveal Itself and Its mysteries. Upon such revelation alone can one have a realistic perspective on life--and more specifically--on one's own life, prompting such questions as: 
 •Is there a life after death?
•If there is life after death, what kind of life?
•Do souls reincarnate? If so, why, where, when?
•What are the underpinnings of health and healing?
•What effects do the experiences of higher perception have on a person's life, and are they life altering?
•What is the potential of consciousness in human or other expressions of life?
•What is the soul's purpose in this physical lifetime and beyond?
•How and why did life come to be?
•Above all, is there a Universal Consciousness--GOD--in Whose Consciousness, "We move, live and have our being"? 

Only through the exploration of consciousness hidden in the unconscious can such questions be answered. We live in Eternity, and there is so-called time enough for every soul to begin to question and enter into extensive self-examination and exploring inner consciousness. 

There are those who are ready for such exploration--and those few in number, in comparison to the world's population, are still a sufficient number to have a spiritual awakening, whether channeled through the arts, commerce, science, leadership, athletics, or religion. 
Anyone having any interest in reading Mystical Insights is at least on the outer perimeters of consciousness exploration. For the curiosity does not come from personal ego inquisitiveness--but from the stirrings of the soul. These stirrings originate from the Originator of the soul--Universal Consciousness or God. Follow your spiritual heartbeat, for it is Universal Consciousness or God calling you to know and to be ONE with the Eternal. 

Written with Love to the few who are ready to explore and to all who will be. 

Dr. Masters