Ancient Divination Scrying
Most people often state that they wish they had a crystal ball, but never would think of wishing to scry.

 Scrying is the act of peering into either:

* a crystal ball

* a bowl of water

 * stones

* fire

* glass 


* seeing visions

The scryer then interprets the visions and predicts the future or sees important information from the present or the past. The name scrying comes from Old English and the word descry. The word meant, "to reveal or see dimly".

Scrying began several places. Each one used a different method. The ancient Egyptians believed that their goddess, Hathor, the Sky goddess used the reflection in her shield to see all that existed. The Egyptians used mirrors to duplicate the effect. Almost 1000 years later, the Greeks used beryl, black glassy stones, and water. The first to use a crystal ball and crystals, however, were the Celtics tribes led by Druid priests.

The process of scrying begins with any object that you can see reflections, or even staring into flame. If a crystal ball is used or mirror, then it must be clean. To successfully scry, a relaxed mental state is important. Although some people use a ritual when they scry, or say a prayer, many just ask for information or do nothing at all.

After staring into the object, water, smoke or flame; images begin to form. This is similar to seeing pictures in the clouds. Eventually they become more prominent. The visual now is not as important as what the mind associates with them. This is the point when information seems to come from nowhere or long forgotten, sometimes seemingly unimportant moments of the past come to the surface of the consciousness and the brain begins to make sense of the images and understand their meaning.
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Often people that just begin scrying use incense, music, candles and dim lighting to make them more relaxed and receptive. Many beginners find that it takes several sessions before they actually begin to see any form in the object of their choice. The most important tool for successful scrying is concentration and relaxation. Scrying requires energy and the more energy input into the project the better the results. The relaxation helps release the internal energy. The tool used to scy varies because each individual must feel the connection to the medium used.

There are several schools of thought why scrying is effective. Some believe that quantum physics plays a part and the scryer somehow manages to see forward on the time continuum. Others believe that it is a divine gift from the deity of choice. A third group believes that scrying aids in unlocking the knowledge of the subconscious mind. Most all agree that scrying answers questions and provides direction to the individual that asks for the guidance. Initially, the ability to see the future is limited but grows more accurate and easy, the more frequently it's practiced.

There is a multitude of reasons that people scry. Some people scry to make connection with the energy of the universe. Others find it a stress free way to make decisions. The reasons for scrying differ as much as the tools that the individuals use to accomplish it. If you asked most individuals, "Why scry?" The vast majority would answer, "Why not?"

Keith Ward 
Scrying has been a common practice  in many cultures as a means of divining the past, present, or future. Depending on the culture and practice, the visions that come when one stares into the media are thought to come from God, spirits, the psychic mind, the devil, or the subconscious.

Scrying has also been interpreted as the process of psychically seeing....Clairvoyance..... (For more information click on Clairvoyance to the left of this page in the links area)
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