The Power of Chi
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The concept that allows you to transform internal energy into internal power is called the Condensing principle. It is the single most important element of Chi Kung. Without practicing Condensing, there will be no "alchemical agent" or "essence" to be circulated. Through Condensing techniques you draw energy into every cell in your body and condense it down, tighter and tighter, to fit into less and less space. The denser you become, the more powerful your internal vacuum becomes, the more explosive your internal power will be. Using Condensing techniques, you fit 18 inches of internal movement into one inch of space. The resulting transformation changes the vibratory frequency of the Chi into Jing. The energy is now ready to be used.

After condensing the energy, the next process is to circulate it through a series of Chi Circulations utilizing the Macro-Cosmic principle. In this manner, you learn to open and close various doorways in your body in order to create pathways for the flow of energy. These pathways are not already in existence, like acupuncture meridians. You must create and burn them through. The flow of energy through these pathways connects each cell with every other cell. The result is that you can move the energy to where it's needed, as the torso and extremities become a single unit.

The third stage in a Chi Kung process uses the Micro-Cosmic principle. Utilizing this principle, you learn how to take the energy you have accumulated and circulate it in the internal pathway through the Central Channel in the spinal cord. This raises the amount of energy that your central nervous system can carry. The last stage of Chi Kung is to apply the Projecting principle. In this way you learn to extend your mind, and energy, outside the confines of your physical body. It allows you to influence your environment in a positive way. The final result is an evolution of your Shen, your spiritual essence, completing the energy transformation.

by Gary J. Clyman

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese system of energy cultivation which enables you to develop internal power. It is the same source of power behind the Chinese internal martial arts, and without which, the movements in these arts are only calisthenics. For centuries, Chi Kung has been used for health, vitality, increasing longevity, transforming martial art and athletic ability and accelerating the mind. Ultimately, it can help you achieve your personal vision by strengthening the "muscle of your WILL."
Chi Kung is often confused with meditation. Chi Kung is different. In most meditations, the mind is calmed and simply registers the flux of consciousness to naturally reach a state of pure awareness for eventual union with the Absolute. In Chi Kung, the mind is focused on directing energy, not on thinking or not thinking. The principle is called "Hsing Chi" meaning "wherever the mind goes, the energy follows."

Neither is Chi Kung a form of visualization. Visualization is something created in the imagination, something not existing or not yet existing, as in Creative Visualization. In Chi Kung you are not visualizing the energy condensing, circulating or projecting through the use of images... you are actually doing it, physically. It is the conscious directing and use of the energy.

The energy transformed in Chi Kung exists in three states, like ice, water and steam. The first state is called Chi. Chinese Taoists believe that there was a single eternal power that moves the universe. They called it Chi. In Chinese the word has several meanings. It can mean "air," "power," "motion," or "life." It is the "intrinsic energy." Everyone possesses it.

Accumulating or circulating large amounts of Chi by itself, however, will not produce great benefits. Like gasoline in a motor, the Chi must be condensed and burned to produce power. The name of this internal power is Jing. It is the second state of energy transformed in a complete system of Chi Kung. When Chi is converted into Jing, it is the same as converting your internal energy into your internal power. Chi is the energy source, Jing is the power, and Chi Kung is the method of transformation.
Tidal Wave Chi Kung will raise your level of deservingness, improve your performance, strengthen your will, give you healing energy to prevent or cure illnesses and raise your level of assertiveness. Results are dramatic and permanent.

Several guidelines are suggested if you want to achieve this kind of transformation. First, find a complete system of Chi Kung which contains all four of the essential elements of internal power work, namely, Condensing, Macro Cosmic circulations, the Micro-Cosmic circulation and Projecting techniques. While practicing a mixture of Chi Kung techniques that are less complete can produce benefits, ultimately, evolving on all the necessary levels for the alchemy of change will be impossible if you are missing an ingredient.

Next, you must practice regularly, preferably 4-5 times per week. Accumulating and transforming energy is like boiling water. If you keep turning off the heat and letting the water cool, it will never boil. The practice sessions, however, need not be lengthy. The daily practice routine for a system like Tidal Wave Chi Kung can be completed in exactly 28 minutes a day.

Finally, when you practice, you must do it with passion. Simply running though the techniques will produce little change. My teacher told me that the intensity of the practice is like being held underwater and fighting to get to the surface for a breath of air.
Remember, "Masters are made in the beginning... not at the end." Good luck on your journey.
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